One-on-One Coaching

The Complete Package

Everything you need to set yourself apart and move ahead, from a comprehensive strategy document detailing who you are and how you’re different, to your personal branding marketing plan that will bring it all to life.

  • Audit of your current marketing efforts, including resume, cover letters, your social media accounts and anything else you are using.
  • Detailed “Personal Brand Bible,” the strategy document that will form the solid foundation for all of your marketing and communications efforts:
    • Your mission statement and definition of your core values.
    • Tight definition of your target, both demographic and psychographic.
    • Your personal brand positioning statement that defines your competitive advantage and clearly distinguishes you from the crowd.
    • The brand personality you’ll show to the public.
    • An aspirational statement of how people should feel when they work with you.
  • Attention-getting headline for your LinkedIn profile and resume that communicates how you are unique in the blink of an eye.
  • Cover-letter template.
  • Outline and talking points for job interviews.
  • Guidelines for photos .
  • Detailed marketing plan for that brings your personal brand strategy to life, including recommendations for your resume, LinkedIn and other social media, personal website, content development, resume, cover letters and more.

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