Still Single? How Personal Branding Can Help You Find Your Soulmate

Personal Branding Isn’t Just for Your Career. I’ll help you project an image of the best, most authentic you to find your life partner.

Angela & Jeff Get Engaged

While there will always be a hook-up culture (Hello Tinder!), a plurality of people – 49% to be exact, according to a 2019 YouGov survey – are on dating apps to “find an exclusive romantic partner.”

And the news is pretty good. The Knot, a leading wedding planning app, reports that 22% spouses now meet online, a number sharply up from five years earlier and one that keeps rising.

So how are you doing?

I can tell you that I’m one of the lucky ones. I met Angela on Bumble in July 2019 and knew instantly that I had hit the jackpot. I had seen people wish for their “last first date” on dating sites for years and I had finally gone on mine. We got engaged in October of last year and recently set a wedding date for September 2021.

But was it just luck? Maybe. Luck and timing play a huge role in the success of everything we do, but it was more than that.

As a branding expert, I was able to harness years of marketing experience to write an online profile that rose above the clutter. I generated lots of messages and “swipe rights” from the start because I avoided cliches, told the truth (no lying about age, height or anything else), and managed to communicate the essence of who I am in a positive way, along with some very important details, in a few sentences.

And as a long-time observer of people and the human condition, I learned over time how to read between the lines on dating profiles, to figure out who the women on the site truly were. It all took time and patience, but it ultimately worked. Especially after I woke up to the undeniable fact that I had been making bad choices all along and started making (mentally) healthier decisions about who to approach or respond to.

Many of my single friends and acquaintances tell me of their online frustrations, and maybe you’ve experienced disappointment as well. I get it, but it doesn’t have to be that way.

Dating apps are like Cheesecake Factory menus. There are infinite choices and it’s hard to know where to start or make up your mind. It also seems that the more choices we have, none of them ever seem right. And when you finally “order,” your date, he or she might be bland, unmemorable or simply awful, just like your Cheesecake Factory Fettucine Alfredo: A run of the mill American masquerading as an Italian sophisticate.

It could be that you just need to know what to order, or perhaps you’re going to the wrong restaurant. Wouldn’t it be better to go somewhere with just a handful of entrees that are all delicious and made with just you in mind? But where is this magical place?

It’s there. You just have to find it, and I can help you.

It’s a discipline that involves focus and depth rather than the Cheesecake Factory approach of doing an extraordinary number of things but none of them all that well. We always have choices and it’s all what you make of them. In life, business and romance there is always a path to success, but it requires the very hard work of being honest with yourself, understanding what it is you offer (we all offer something and there’s almost always someone for everyone) and what you really need and want from a job or a mate.

This month, I’ll be posting tips and other thoughts on applying personal branding strategies to dating.  I’ll also be hosting an online workshop, “How Personal Branding Can Turn Your Love Life Around” and other lessons in online dating.

The workshop will teach you how to leverage your personal brand to:

  • How to create effective dating and social media profiles.
  • Choose photos that present you in the best possible light while still reflecting your authentic self.
  • How to read between the lines to assess who they really are and not waste time on anyone who is clearly not right for you.
  • Write that icebreaker text message.
  • Ensure that your first Zoom or phone conversations go as well as the can.
  • How to prepare for your first date, that is, to focus on what you want to communicate, how you’re going to make your point and have lots of conversation starting questions that will allow you to see your date for who she/he really is.

Join me on Saturday, April 17, 2PM Eastern/11AM Pacific Time, for this exciting workshop.

Click here for details on fees and registration.

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